Let us Learn About Orthopedic Implants

Orthopedic Implant– An orthopedic implant is a device surgically placed into the body designed to restore function by reinforcing or replacing a damaged structure. For the treatment of back pain, orthopedic implants such as bone screws and bone plates are used in spinal fusion surgery and fixation of fractured bone segments, as well as implant components used for joint and hip replacement. The material used in orthopedic implants must be biocompatible to avoid refusal by the body. Other risks associated include implants coming loose or breaking in the bone causing painful infection and inflammation to the surrounding tissue.

There are various orthopedic implants manufacturers and suppliers in India and worldwide.

Bone Screw

A bone screw is a metal implant inserted into the bone. Screws are used to immobilize fractured bone segments to aid in the process of healing, and as an adjunct to spine fusion surgery to help hold implants in place.

An example of a bone screw commonly used in spine fusion surgery is known as a pedicle screw, which holds rods into the spine. The screws are placed at two or sometimes three consecutive spine segments (for example, lumbar segment 4 and 5) and then short rod is used to connect the screws.

The design of the rods and screws helps prevent motion at the spinal segments that are being fused, therefore aiding in the bone healing process of the fusion. After the bone graft grows and a fusion has taken place, the rods and screws are no longer needed for stability but are usually left in place.

Bone Plate

A bone plate is a thin metal implant used to immobilize bone segments. The plate is affixed with bone screws to properly align the bone and aid in the process of healing.

In surgery of spine, a bone plate may be used to help stabilize the fused area and prevent dislodgement of the bone graft. It is used most commonly in cervical fusion surgery done in the neck. You can find orthopedic bone plate suppliers globally. We are importer and manufacturer for various type of implants.


Biocompatibility is a general term describing a material’s property being compatible with living tissue. Biocompatible materials don’t produce toxic or immunological response when exposed to the body or bodily fluids.

Biocompatible materials are central for use in prosthetics and medical implants to avoid rejection by the body tissue and support biological functioning.

Bone Graft

A bone graft is the bone transplanted from a donor site to a receiver site to facilitate the fusion of vertebrae in lumbar surgery. The grafting tissue is essential for osteoinduction- the process of building new bone- to occur.

During spinal fusion surgery, the bone graft is placed into the disc space or in other places between the two vertebrae- and acts as a calcium scaffolding for the new bone of patient to grow on.

Tissue can either be harvested from the iliac crest (part of the pelvis) of the patient, called autograft bone, or from a donor bone (for example, cadaver bone), called allograft bone, or any kind of bone graft substitute or synthetic bone may be used.

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